Although they may be smaller in size than what many consumers are accustomed to, compact cars are a great vehicle to help you get around Doylestown, Warrington and Chalfont, and there is almost no better vehicle in this class than the Chevy Cruze. 

Available as either a sedan or hatchback, the Cruze is a model that can be tailored to your precise needs, but no matter which version you opt for, you'll be getting some of the best features in any vehicle. Here is brief review of the top features of the Chevy Cruze that you can use to decide if this compact car meets your specific automotive needs. Please contact us to setup an appointment.



Because compact cars are so much smaller than other vehicles, you might assume that these vehicles lack dependable performance. While this might be true for other compacts on the market, the Cruze provides a level of performance that you might not be able to believe.

In the Cruze, you'll find an available 1.6-liter turbo-diesel engine that offers both efficiency and power. First, this engine produces an impressive 240 pound-feet of torque, putting it on par with much larger vehicles. Second, the Cruze offers an EPA-estimated 52 MPG on the highway and an astounding maximum highway range of 702 miles on one tank of gas.


Other than performance, technology is the most important feature for many car consumers. If you're the type of driver that can't live without the most up to date tech features, there's no better car to drive than the 2018 Cruze.

Standard in the Cruze is a Chevrolet MyLInk infotainment system that includes a 7-inch diagonal touchscreen and feature such as streaming audio and smartphone connectivity. If you always want to be connected to the internet, you can equip your Cruze with an available 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot.


Regardless of the size of your vehicle, you want to know that you're protected from serious collisions whenever you get behind the wheel. Luckily, with the 2018 Chevy, you'll be defended by a plethora of excellent active safety systems.

To prevent wrecks, there are features such as forward collision alert and lane keep assist with lane departure warning. For protection during an accident, the Cruze includes 10 standard airbags and a high-strength safety cage. Finally, after an accident occurs, there is an available OnStar Automatic Crash Response System that will help you connect with assistance. Staying safe on the road is easier than ever before thanks to the Chevy Cruze.


If you're in the market for a compact vehicle that provides much bigger features than its size, your clear option is the newest version of the Cruze. Anyone interested in driving the Chevy Cruze should visit Fred Beans Chevrolet today to schedule a test drive.

The team at Fred Beans Chevrolet has a long history of serving consumers from Doylestown, Chalfont and Warrington, and we would be honored if you selected us as your car dealership. Our inventory features top new and pre-owned models, meaning you'll have the selection you need to choose a car that's perfect for you.