Pets are part of the family and should be treated as such. When you have to go to work or out of town for the weekend, make sure you have the best pet sitter watching your furry family member. Luckily, you don't have to look far if you're living near Doylestown.

Below, you'll find more information about three of the best pet sitters in town. Read ahead to learn more about Peace Valley Pet Care, Pugs & Kisses Pet Care, and Sitters 4 Critters, LLC!

Nearly 14 years ago, Peace Valley Pet Care was established with the mission to not only provide top-notch in-home pet care but to improve the quality of life for both the pets and their human companions. They accomplish this through a variety of caring pet services, including dog walking, medication administration, and pet sitting.

Have a pooch that loves to play? Peace Valley Pet Care is happy to take them out and help burn some of that energy with their exercise sessions. This keeps your dog happily entertained and gives you peace of mind knowing they aren't cooped up all day.

With the happiness of your pets in mind, Pugs & Kisses Pet Care has created a menu of services that cater to you and your pet's needs. They know that, like humans, every animal is different. That's why this team goes above and beyond to keep your pets happy and comfortable in their own home even when you're away.

Choose to have a Pugs & Kisses Pet Care team member visit your pet in your home or socialize your pup at one of their fun Doggie Socialization and Slumber Parties. Your pet will have their time of their life playing on half an acre of property with other pets while you're away.

Sitters 4 Critters specializes in taking good care of your pet when you have other places to be, but that's not all they accomplish. They take it a step further by creating a caring and trusted connection with your pet, so they just as loved even when you're gone.

You can request at-home visits from certain Sitters 4 Critters team members or drop them off for a fun day at doggie day care while you're at work. Even if they need to go to the vet or groomer, this company is happy to transport them to and from.