Yoga is one of the most popular ways to exercise these days. In fact, it's been very popular for centuries and centuries. However, we now have many different studios to choose to practice at. In Doylestown, locals have three great options when it comes to yoga studios.
Below, you can learn more about the three best yoga studios in the area. Read ahead to see what Bikram Yoga Doylestown, Spiritual Fitness on the Go, and Sun Dog Yoga have in store for you!

Bikram Yoga Doylestown is happy to offer students a core curriculum focused on Bikram yoga practices. Bikram yoga was conceptualized in the 1970s from traditional hatha yoga techniques, which involves structured coordination between the breath and the body's movements while in a hot room.
At Bikram Yoga Doylestown, you'll learn how to hone in on these rejuvenating techniques while growing towards your personal goals as a yogi. They also offer a variety of other classes, including Baptiste Power Yoga and Pyropilates, to help round out your wellness routine.

Spiritual Fitness on the Go is not your typical yoga studio. Designed for the busy individuals among us, this initiative allows those in Doylestown to practice yoga, no matter where they go through the Spiritual Fitness on the Go website.
When you log onto this website, you'll have access to dozens of yoga lesson videos led by yoga masters. Follow along in your home, on the beach, in the office, or wherever else your life may take you. No matter where you are, you can find your center with Spiritual Fitness on the Go.


At Sun Dog Yoga, they practice the Ashtanga tradition, which translates as "8-Limbed". What this means is that your existence should be multifaceted yet whole as everything in your life connects. The Sun Dog Yoga team strives to help you find wholeness and wellness through this traditional yoga. 
They offer a wide variety of classes that incorporate this tradition, such as Ashtanga Vinyasa, Traditional Ashtanga Mysore, and Ashtanga Flow. No matter what your skill level or personal goals are, they work with you to nourish your mind, so you can live better outside of the studio.