Midsize sports utility vehicles offer drivers many of the same benefits that they would get with a sedan along with the convenience of having a more capable and versatile vehicle. For instance, a midsize SUV provides more passenger and cargo space than most sedans, yet it's nearly as economical. For these reasons, midsize SUVs continue to grow in popularity with drivers in the areas of Chalfont, Warrington, and Doylestown.

Since they're becoming so popular due to their versatility, many manufacturers are attempting to catch this wave and produce great midsize SUVs that drivers deem the next big thing. Luckily, this drives up the competition and gives those who are looking to buy a multitude of quality options. One such SUV is the Chevy Traverse.

Chevy has a long history of presenting the public with quality vehicles that make a lasting impression, and this year's Traverse is no exception. If you would like to see for yourself what makes the Chevy Traverse a great SUV, stop by Fred Beans Chevy to take a test drive today.


The 2016 Chevy Traverse is an excellent choice for those who are constantly on the road for trips with the friends or family. Long drives can become cumbersome without entertainment, and even the excellent radio that's available in the Traverse can become second rate after a few hours.

Thankfully, the designers of this year's model kept that in mind with the technology. There are enough USB ports in this Traverse to keep everyone plugged in and charged up. Not only that, but you can opt to have a rear passenger entertainment system put into your 2016 Traverse. Movies certainly make the ride a bit easier, especially with children.


Your 2016 Chevy Traverse can seamlessly connect with your smartphone, syncing your contacts, playlists, and other important information that you might seek while you're on the road. This is all done with the innovative MyLink program.

The navigation system in the Traverse is one of the best that you'll find among vehicles this year. The traverse features the OnStar Turn-By-Turn navigation system as well as a trial subscription for the SiriusXM NavTraffic program. The MyLink system provided by Chevy is also a great navigation system that you can count on while on the road.


When test drive a 2016 Chevy Traverse, you'll find that it has been outfitted with all of the latest in safety technology that's meant to help drivers mitigate against accidents. This technology includes a forward collision warning system, a stability control system, rear cross-traffic alerts, as well as a side blind spot alert. OnStar, the most trusted name in response technology, is also available.      


If you're in the areas of Chalfont, Warrington, or Doylestown and would like to take a test drive in the 2016 Chevy Traverse, contact a representative with Fred Beans Chevy to schedule your test drive today.