Introducing the All-New Chevrolet Silverado RST: the First-Ever Electric Silverado Truck

Although unavailable until sometime in 2023, the new Chevy Silverado RST is already making waves in the Doylestown and Philadelphia truck scene. This impressive pickup truck contains an all-electric powertrain, plenty of outstanding capabilities, and a modern style that's sure to stand out. If you're interested in purchasing an electric truck in the future, we recommend exploring the new Chevy Silverado RST.

What We Know About the New Chevy Electric Silverado

Here are a few quick stats about this aerodynamic, smart, and agile electric truck.

  • Up to 400-mile range on a full charge
  • Over 660-horsepower with wide-open watts
  • Under 4.5-seconds of zero to 60 mph start time
  • Over 780 pound-feet of torque with wide-open watts
  • Up to 10,000-pounds of maximum towing (with up to 20,000-pounds available on future models)

The new Chevy Silverado RST is also designed with intelligent features and a long list of helpful items. The new multi-flex midgate with pass-through, for example. If you have items that are too long for your truck bed, open the back of the truck into the cabin and fold the rear seats flat for additional space. This pass-through area can accommodate items up to 10 feet 10 inches long. The multi-function tailgate is also available, complete with six different functions to help load, unload, and carry your cargo with ease.


Contact Fred Beans Chevrolet of Doylestown to Learn More About the New Chevy Silverado RST

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